Two situations in which you should use a carpet steam cleaning service

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There are some situations in which it is sensible to use a professional carpet steam cleaning service. Here are two examples of situations that call for the use of this kind of service.

You have just moved into a property that was previously owned by a heavy smoker

When a person smokes a cigarette inside a house, the smell from the cigarette tends to cling onto nearby surfaces. If a person smokes regularly inside their own home for many years, it is very likely that the carpets (as well as the walls, ceilings and furniture) will reek of tobacco and have an unpleasant yellowish tinge (due to the nicotine in the smoke).

If you have just purchased a house that once belonged to a heavy smoker and you do not want to replace the existing carpets, you will need to find a way to remove the nicotine stains and the smell of tobacco from the carpet fabric.

You will probably find this almost impossible to do using your own collection of household cleaning products, as these items simply won't be powerful enough to tackle this tough task.

This situation calls for the involvement of a professional cleaner who has experience in steam-cleaning severely-stained and malodorous carpeting. Their powerful steam-cleaning equipment and expertise should enable them to extract the odours and revive the original colour of the carpet.

You have a weak immune system

If, as a result of undergoing a certain medical treatment (such as chemotherapy) or taking a specific medication (like an immunosuppressant), you currently have a very weak immune system, then it might be worth getting your carpets steam cleaned.

The reason for this that carpets can harbour a wide variety of pathogens. Fungi, bacteria and viruses can all take up residence in the carpeting around your home, and unfortunately, hoovering the carpets regularly will not fully remove or kill all of these pathogens.

Under normal circumstances, this might not be a problem. However, if your immune system is compromised, you may be at greater risk of getting ill as a result of being exposed to these pathogens that reside in your carpets.

In this situation, arranging for a professional to steam clean your carpets may be a worthwhile investment. The heat of the steam should help to kill the vast majority of microbes that live in the fibres of your carpets. Furthermore, the final step of extracting the moisture from the carpets should help to pull out most of the remaining microbes.

Sanitising the carpets in this manner could reduce the chances of you being exposed to a pathogen in your home and getting ill as a result of this.

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