A Guide to Deceased Estate Cleaning Services

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Deceased estate cleaning is a helpful service for when a loved one passes away. This includes sorting through belongings, arranging repairs, hoarder cleaning and drug lab testing.

Deceased estate cleaning services 

Deceased estate cleaning offers a number of services. The clean-up service can declutter the property and arrange the selling and transportation of items to other family members, charity or auction. They can also dispose of any rubbish and plan for any repairs that are needed. They can clean the windows, carpets and outdoor areas, including gardening. This can include maintaining the garden until it is sold, or until someone else can take over the gardening. Additionally, they can style the property so that it can be viewed and sold. If a family member is to move in, the clean-up service can also organise the house so that it is ready for any new tenants.

Hoarder cleaning

Deceased estate cleaning can offer a dedicated hoarder cleaning service. This includes experienced professionals who understand that sorting through a deceased loved one's belongings can be extremely difficult, and they will support you through the process. The clean-up service will create a plan with you for every step that will be taken; they will sort through the items and label them. They can help you to find any items that you wish to keep, and they can identify any items that could be of value. Then they can either sell, donate or dispose of items.

Hoarder cleaning is important because the collection of items could pose a hazard to you or the property. One issue is that mould can develop, and when inhaled, this can produce an allergic reaction. For those who do not have an allergy, the mould can be dangerous to inhale. Another problem is that hoarded items can hold bugs such as mosquitos and ticks. These bugs can carry diseases, so it is important to clean and sort through any mess carefully. Hoarded items can also cause rodents to enter the property. These rodents can carry dangerous viruses. Hoarded items can also cause falls.

Drug lab testing

Clean-up services can be used to deconstruct drug labs and test for any drug residue that could be present in the property. This process will include, thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the property. The clean-up service can use chemical testing in properties to detect drug residue, and they can also use drug lab testing to identify areas which will need further cleaning.