Why Your Flats Should Have a Garbage Chute

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Being a commercial property owner means looking for different ways to make your rentals attractive to potential leasers so that you can have a constant stream of income. One of the features that you could consider incorporating into your building complex is a garbage chute.

These structures are typically underrated, as residential trash removal is one of the chores that homeowners do not pay much attention to. Nonetheless, having to get rid of trash from a two storey home and having to throw out the trash from the seventh floor of an apartment building are two entirely different experiences! Here are some of the advantages that a centralised garbage chute would provide your commercial premises.

Garbage chutes make trash removal convenient

The most prominent benefit of having a garbage chute on your commercial property is the ease that it provides for trash elimination. Your tenants will no longer be required to make their way outside physically for them to access the dumpster. Instead, the trash chute connects all flats to the dumpster, which facilitates smoother elimination from the building. In addition to this, since trash removal becomes hassle-free, you are less likely to experience problems associated with an excessive accumulation of trash by homeowners who cannot be bothered to make the trip outside.

Garbage chutes negates any need for handling of trash

A second reason why it would be advantageous to have your flats fitted with a centralised garbage chute is that it ensures that waste does not have to be manually handled. One thing about rental apartments is that you will be housing people from diverse walks of life. Some individuals may be meticulous about throwing their garbage whereas others may not pay any mind to trash that has spilt on the corridor, on the stairs, near the dumpster and so on. Therefore, more often than not, you will have to hire additional staff to clean this area, which means a decrease in your bottom line. A garbage chute ensures that waste does not have to be handled at any given point as it is directed straight into the dumpster, ready for removal by your local garbage disposal company.

Garbage chutes enhance the hygiene your commercial property

Another great reason to invest in a garbage chute is that it will significantly increase the sanitation of your building. Since trash is being eliminated directly into the dumpster, foraging pests will not have any garbage to rummage through inside your building. Moreover, your property will not be plagued by odours of rancid waste that has not been correctly disposed of.