Three Maintenance and Care Guidelines for Commercial Linen Curtains

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Linen curtains have unique aesthetic appeal when placed over windows. These drapes will diffuse the light flowing into the business space, creating a warm ambience. At the same time, they will provide optimal protection against harsh sunlight. Linen curtains also drape over windows quite smoothly, ensuring that the windows maintain a clean and smooth look. This material is extracted from the tough fibres of a flax plant. Therefore, it is durable and can withstand long-term usage. Also, this fabric requires minimal care. If you have recently purchased linen curtains for your office, consider these simple maintenance guidelines for preserving your new drapes.

Washing the Linen

It is essential to clean the linen fabric regularly to preserve the original colours and general appeal. If the material is neglected, it can become stained, necessitating premature replacement. Fortunately, the curtains can be washed in a machine without negative repercussions. When cleaning the linen, you should be careful not to expose the fabric to adverse conditions. For the best results, use a low-temperature wash and some mild washing detergent. The gentle machine cycle will also protect the fibres from damage. Where possible, you should use soft water. Reading the care levels for your specific drapes is essential. Manufacturer's recommendations can vary.

Drying the Curtains

You can tumble dry your linen drapes after machine washing. This process is beneficial for the immediate use of the curtains. However, you should not use high temperature during this stage. Choose low temperatures to prevent the damage to the fibres. You should remember that linen is prone to wrinkling when the material dries while scrunched up. This problem can ruin the appeal of your office windows. Therefore, you should always remove the curtains from the machine while the fabric is still damp. Hang immediately over your windows and allow the linen drapes to dry in that position. 

Storing Your Curtains

If you would like to store your linen curtains, you should look for cool and dry space for placement. You should not store the material in plastic bags or boxes. Standard fabric storage closets or drawers will accomplish your purpose. When you are ready to use the linen curtains, you can rewash the material to enhance freshness. Alternatively, you can just iron the drapes at a medium, steam setting to eliminate wrinkles. 

Cleaning commercial linen curtains in bulk for your growing business can be challenging. If you have insufficient time or resources for the task, you should think about hiring a bulk curtain laundry service for assistance.