How to Deal with Remaining Property When an Elderly Single Relative Passes Away

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When an elderly relative passes away, there can be a lot to do for the remaining members of the family. After a period of grieving and the formalities associated with the funeral and burial, comes the detailed work. If the relative had lived by themselves for the last few years of their life, it will fall to those behind to go through the property and sort everything out. This can be a major task by itself, especially given that the departed may well have a lifetime of accumulated possessions. How should you approach this delicate but difficult task?

Where Do You Start?

It's easier said than done, but it is important to keep emotions in check and come up with a specific plan of attack. What many people might say is just general clutter could well contain some precious memories or family heirlooms. However, a lot of what remains will simply be sent for recycling or may end up in the landfill. As such, it's important to go through each room carefully and segregate one from the other.

Having a Plan

Allocate one area in the home where you will put everything that you want to keep for your own family needs. This will include those heirlooms and anything that may be contained in the last will and testament. It should also contain any items of furniture that may be of use in the home of one of the relatives. As you go through the other rooms, be sure to look in the less obvious places for valuables and don't be tempted to rush, just because you consider this to be an onerous or lengthy task.

Raising Additional Funds

It's only at times like these when you realise just how many individual items are contained in the typical home. If certain things are in very good condition and have not been allocated to anybody in the will, put those to one side so that you can place them on an auction site in future, to realise some more funds for the estate.

Tidying Everything up

It almost inevitable, but there will be a ton of "junk" left over at the end of your work. Make sure that you bring in a rubbish removal specialist to take over at this point. You'll be able to fill a skip bin with items that can be taken for recycling or may be destined for landfill. If you've done your job properly, very little will be left that is purely trash and you will have done a great service to your sadly missed relative.