Four Ways to Improve Indoor Air Quality in Your Office

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Did you know that poor indoor air quality can affect the productivity of your employees? Air pollution can lead to health problems that may have an impact on the efficiency of your workforce and the performance of the entire business. There are measures that you can take to improve the air quality in the office. These include simple steps such as regular cleaning, improving ventilation, and maintaining your carpets.

Clean the office regularly

Dirt and dust are the primary culprits of the cold, flu, and allergies within the office environment. If the office isn't cleaned regularly, dust builds up on the floor, desks, computers, window furnishings, and other surfaces. It deteriorates the quality of air therein and leads to a host of respiratory problems. Regular cleaning of the office, not only the floor, but also other surfaces, and window treatments is the key to improving air quality. Also, remember to dust furniture such as sofas as dust tends to rest on them as well.

Provide adequate ventilation and air conditioning

Proper air circulation in the office is critical if you want to prevent airborne illnesses. As such, make sure that the ventilation systems are functioning properly. Vents should be cleaned regularly to prevent blockage. Also, ensure that air conditioning equipment, air filters, and humidifiers are maintained. Repair or replace any equipment that is not functioning correctly, and perform a tune-up once in a while to maximize their efficiency. With proper ventilation and air conditioning, employees can work in a comfortable environment and maximize their productivity.

Watch out for dirty carpets

A stylish rug can give your office an appealing look, complement décor, and create a comfortable office space. However, over time, carpets tend to trap dust which can pollute the air in the office. To maintain clean carpets, you need to vacuum them after every few days and undertake deep cleaning at least once a month. This cleaning schedule will get rid of dust and any dirt that may be deeply infused into the carpet fibers. If you are unable to maintain the office carpets, it may be a good idea to get rid of them.

Invest in indoor plants

Some types of indoor plants can improve the air quality in your office. These plants provide oxygen during the day, and they also clean the air by getting rid of pollutants. They can even absorb harmful gasses produced by paints with VOC ingredients. It may be worth researching around your area and finding some of these plants for your office. Besides improving the air quality, they can also make space look beautiful.

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