Tips for Keeping Your Finer Clothes in Good Repair

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When it comes to your everyday t-shirt, jeans, and other clothing items, you may not be overly concerned with how long they last, as they can be replaced easily and affordably. However, for cocktail dresses, suits, finer shirts and blouses, and even designer jeans, you may want to think about how you treat those clothes, as this can affect their appearance and if they stay in good repair. Note a few tips you don't want to overlook for keeping your finer clothes looking good for as long as possible.

Avoid ironing

The heat of an iron can force fibres to stay flat, which is how the iron removes wrinkles, but this can also cause those fibres to eventually stay flat. You may notice that clothes you iron often eventually seem a bit dull and rough to the touch.

To avoid ironing, put the item on a hanger and spray it with filtered water, as this can restore the nap to its fibres and pull out those wrinkles naturally. You might also invest in a good steamer, as the warm steam will also puff up those fibres, removing wrinkles while actually restoring the surface texture of clothes.

Turn clothes inside out

If you do wash finer items, turn them inside out to avoid fading the dyes of the fabric's front. This will keep the colour truer and brighter.

Dry metal items separately

Metal buttons, zipper, snaps, and other such pieces can get very hot in the dryer and then damage delicate fabrics they touch. If you have jeans, bras, or other pieces with metal accessories that you'll be putting in the dryer, put these in a separate load than silk, cotton, and delicate fabrics. You can also put the delicate items in a lingerie bag to put a layer of material between them and any hot metal pieces.

Mind your hygiene

Sweat and body oils can be absorbed by fabric and eventually show up as stains. Minding your hygiene can mean that your clothes last longer without these unsightly marks. Be sure to scrub your back in every shower and wear a good deodorant, even if you work in an air conditioned setting.

Avoid washing items yourself

When a label says "dry clean only," that means dry clean only! Don't assume you can hand wash an item in delicate detergent, as even the water itself can damage fabrics. Twisting and hanging a piece to dry can also allow it to stretch out of shape. Always have any delicate item dry cleaned to ensure it gets thoroughly cleaned and also retains its overall shape.