Preparing for a Professional Office Deep Cleaning: 3 Things to Ask Employees to Do Before the Professionals Arrive

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To keep your office clean and sanitary, it's wise to schedule a professional office deep cleaning with professional cleaners every once in awhile. The professional cleaners can get rid of stubborn stains to keep office furniture and equipment clean and in good condition. They can also get rid of dirt and dust that might be clinging onto inconspicuous areas of the office. As the professional cleaners will have a relatively large area to cover, your employees can make their job a lot easier by doing the following 3 things.

Remove Personal Items and Clutter from Their Own Cubicles

It's difficult to sanitize and wipe all surfaces down when there's clutter everywhere. Before the professional cleaners come in, ask your employees to remove all personal items and clutter from their own cubicles. This includes framed family photographs or any other decorations and memorabilias they might have lying around. They should leave the cubicle with only the standard items that were provided when they first moved in. To encourage all employees to remove their personal effects, let them know that the professional cleaners have the right to toss out any junk that they find lying around.

Wipe Down Cubicle Surfaces

You want the professional cleaners to focus their attention on the important things. This includes stubborn stains that have made a seemingly permanent etch on certain surfaces or dust that has been clinging onto heavy and thick draperies that are difficult for employees to remove and clean themselves. To ensure that the professional cleaners spend less time wiping down otherwise easy-to-reach surfaces, ask that all employees wipe down the surfaces in their cubicles before leaving. Provide wet wipes, alcohol wipes and rags for employees.

Stack Chairs and Place Other Furniture to the Side

Depending on the type of professional office deep cleaning services you've requested, the professional cleaners might give carpeted surfaces a thorough cleaning. This is recommended every 12 to 18 months. If you've requested that the carpets be cleaned, have your employees move and place furniture and other equipment on the carpet into a designated room or onto a hard surface. This allows the professional cleaners to get in and get the job done quickly.


Professional office deep cleaning services can make your office much more sanitary and clean. It can also help maintain office furniture and prevent them from breaking down and deteriorating. Schedule regular cleaning services with the occasional office deep cleaning to preserve the integrity and condition of the entire office.