Renting With Pets: 4 Secrets That Can Save Your Security Deposit

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Many people love the companionship of having a dog or cat. Unfortunately, when you're a renter, being a pet owner not only means that you may need to pay an extra pet deposit or monthly fee, but that you're also less likely to get your entire security deposit when you move.

Below we list four steps that can better ensure that you leave your rental with the largest portion of your refundable security deposit possible.

1. Document the Condition of the Rental

When you move in, take note of any flaws in the rental property. In some cases, landlords may blame damage, like worn out carpet or scratched wood, on your pet.

Take pictures that include a date so that if the repairs for any existing damage are taken out of your security deposit you can dispute the claim.

2. Give Your Pet Plenty of Alternatives

Many pets become destructive when bored or depressed. In addition to providing plenty of playtime and attention, provide your cat or dog with alternative chew, scratch and burrowing items that won't cut into your deposit.

If your pet doesn't seem to take to the toys you provide and seems intent on ruining the carpet, use scent or texture deterrents to redirect your pet's instincts. For example, most cats won't even walk on aluminium foil, much less scratch at it.

3. Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned

When your lease ends, make an appointment to have your carpets professionally cleaned, even if there are no visible stains. Many property managers will subtract money from your security deposit if your rental smells like dog, cat, pet food or pet waste.

The first step to eliminating these odours is to have a carpet cleaning team deep clean the entire space. You may also want to invest in an air purifier that you can run in the days right before you move out to help the property retain its pet-free smell.

4. Stay on Top of Cleaning and Care

In addition to giving your pet love and attention, it's important to maintain a high level of pet care while you rent. Try to feed at the same times, provide regular exercise and help your pet stay properly groomed.

Additionally, clean up any accidents immediately whenever possible. If you're training a puppy or have a cat that's prone to hairballs, choose a good spot carpet cleaner for unexpected messes and invest in regular professional cleanings as well.

Use these guidelines to ensure that you and your furry friend live happily in your current rental without sacrificing the financial security you may need to fund your next move.