Tips for Refreshing a Tired Carpet

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Unless a carpet has worn down to such an extent that it is threadbare, there is no need to replace it with a new one. Updating and refreshing an old carpet is much cheaper than buying a new one and it is better for the environment, too, because you use up fewer resources. Another factor to consider is that refreshing a carpet means for a lot less disruption in your home. After all, when a new carpet is laid, all of you furniture needs to be shifted out of the room concerned in advance. Take the better option and refresh your carpet rather than replacing it.

Deep Cleaning

Sometimes, all a carpet needs to make it look as good as new is a deep clean. Carpets with a deep pile can accumulate grime over a period of time that vacuum cleaning simply won't get rid of. A deep clean from a professional carpet cleaning company will be able to get right down into the fibres of your carpet and remove any ground-in dirt. Such businesses use specialist detergents which are specifically designed for shampooing carpets that are a cut above anything you could purchase from a local hardware store. Once an old carpet has dried out from its deep clean, it will often look as good as new and need nothing more than an occasional vacuum clean for years to come.

Carpet Dyeing

If you are looking for a new look for your room, not only a thoroughly cleaned carpet, then consider the merits of carpet dyeing. For the best results, your carpet will have been professionally cleaned beforehand otherwise some of the dye will inevitably be applied to dirt rather than the material's fibres instead. Carpet dyes are great if you have redecorated a room, perhaps with a new colour scheme on the walls and want a dye to match. A strong dye won't just make your carpet look newer, but it will cover up any minor stains you might have, either from spilt paint flecks or dropped drinks.

Spot Cleaning

If you want to remove a local stain on your carpet, then spot cleaning is the best approach. Refresh an area of your carpet by applying baking soda to the affected zone. This is great if you have an area of discolouration from a pet, for instance, because baking soda won't just clean the area, but deodorise it, too. Simply pour it on and leave it for 24 hours before removing it with a dustpan and brush.